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  • Students seen within 15 working days of contacting centre100%
  • National Average97%
  • Report sent to student or funding body within 10 working days of assessment100%
  • National Average97%
  • Fee £600.00
  • VAT £120.00
  • Total fee £720.00
  • Fees are paid for by your funding body. You will not be personally charged for this assessment.

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Misbah (Ref: 3475)
I was seen within a week of filling in the appointment form. As soon as I met my assessor I immediately felt comfortable with them and they were amazing and so helpful. Throughout our meeting I was completely at ease and I was able to talk to them about my condition. The meeting was not very long and I am sure that I will receive all the help I need. Before going to the assessment I had loads of anxiety and fear about how and what we would talk about but all my fears and worries were gone when I spoke to assessor. I would definitely recommend Access Independence. Thank you.
Aaron Hudson (Ref: 2610)
I was seen really quickly and given a huge choice of times to come to my needs assessment. my assessor was also incredibly helpful and was very understanding regarding my medical conditions. The process was also very easy - better than I thought it would be. I would really recommend Access Independence to anyone who needs a needs assessment. Centre Response: Thank you for your lovely feedback. At Access Independence we pride ourselves on delivering a good, student focused service so it is great to hear we are achieving this. Best wishes for your future studies.
Anonymous (Ref: 2137)
I wanted to thank you for all the support I have received after attending a meeting and then a Needs Assessment with yourselves. The computer system I received helped greatly with presentations, which is where I used to have the most anxiety, as well as the software training I received to show me how to use it. I also am deriving benefit from the digital recorder to record the lectures - especially as prior to this I wasn't allowed to record all lectures due to lecturer preference; this did make things quite difficult in the past. Now I have the DSA equipment people no longer stop me recording and this has benefited me greatly. Also the printer, scanner and other equipment has helped. While my grades have not improved a huge deal (I was on a 97 before my illness, at the moment I am still at a barely passing grade in theoretical exams, and have improved significantly on clinic) the fact that I am still at university and able to attend, as well as pass my exams without further exacerbating my illness, is a huge testimony that the facilities you fought to provide for me has indeed has a very positive impact. I was in fact going to leave in December 2015 due to the severity of my condition and its impact on my life. So thank you, it did change the course of my life and the rest of my career. I was not stopped due to my disability.
David Babbington (Ref: 2008)
I was seen really quickly and given a choice of times to come to my meeting. My advisor was incredibly helpful and set me at ease. I found it very easy to explain exactly how I had difficulty in some areas and the advisor understood what I was saying perfectly. The process was effortless and although I did not know what to expect, the advisor got rid of all my fears. I am truly grateful for the help and support provided and can say that I look forward to the future with greater hope now. I really do recommend Access Independance to you.
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