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Welton House North Wing
Summerhouse Road
Moulton Park

  • Delivery of equipment (including set-up & overview) within 10 working days of contacting the supplier99%
  • National Average95%
  • Quotations supplied to assessors within 24hours100%
  • National Average100%

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Susan (Ref: 2865)
I really cannot fault this company at all. Thank you for everything you truly helped me!!
John Bond-Winstone (Ref: 2661)
The whole process was really good. The equipment turned up on time and the installation very easy. I was given basic training on my equipment as I have received the same equipment years ago when I was on another uni course.
Neil Williamson (Ref: 2436)
I received no training on the delivery of my equipment, the person was only with me for about 6 minutes, not what I was promised.
Amy (Ref: 2395)
I cannot express my thanks enough. Sight and Sound have provided me with all the equipment and top notch training I could possibly need to overcome my visual impairment and reach my full potential in my university education. I worked with an awesome trainer who is friendly, patient and very good at the job. My sincere thanks to all the team.
Ruth (Ref: 2375)
This is the most hopelessly incompetent company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Save yourself the stress and just buy a computer on the highstreet. I first contacted them before the start of my course six weeks ago, and there is still no sign of my computer being delivered. It took them four days and a bit of chasing on my part to come back with an upgrade pricing, which was for a computer double the specification requested and therefore double the price I was expecting. It was then another delay of several days before they came back to me with a suitable computer. Finally with the computer selected and paid for, I was told it would be two weeks(!) to deliver, which is an unacceptable time frame in itself. I had to cancel and entire day of university to wait at home for my delivery which was scheduled to arrive between 12 and 5. They also have rude notifications about how if you miss the phone call from the delivery driver, you have to pay £45 for a redelivery. At 1pm after an hour of anxiously staring at my phone I received a phone call - my address was listed as being in Brighton, so they had taken my computer to Birmingham. The next phone call I received was from the supplier to tell me they'd been a mix up, they would have the computer back as soon as possible in the next couple of days and then call me for a next day delivery. So then almost a week later when I hadn't heard I called them to find out where my computer was. I was told it was back with them, clearly they just couldn't be bothered to call me to arrange a delivery. It's now been arranged to be delivered the day after tomorrow, because surprise, surprise that next day delivery they promised was a lie. As these machines are critical to success on courses, and this company has proven themselves incapable of delivering them within a reasonable time, just find a way of buying on the highstreet and claiming the money back. Don't put yourself through trying to work with these guys.
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Map & Directions to NN3 6WD