Broadbent & Co. Needs Assessment Centre at Newcastle Outreach Centre

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Room G10, Ground Floor
Merchant House, Cloth Market

  • Students seen within 15 working days of contacting centre100%
  • National Average94%
  • Report sent to student or funding body within 10 working days of assessment100%
  • National Average97%
  • Fee £660.00
  • VAT £132.00
  • Total fee £792.00
  • Fees are paid for by your funding body. You will not be personally charged for this assessment.

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(Ref: 3400)
Prior to my assessment, I was incredibly nervous and did not know what to expect. The assessor quickly put me at ease and explained the process and details in a calm and timely manner. We later discussed any worries and issues I had and formulated a plan to help combat this. I had a positive experience with the company and would highly recommend them.
Shauna (Ref: 3189)
The assessor was amazing and is clearly passionate about what they do. The assessment was very relaxed and detailed and really aimed to ensure all the details were understood. Assessments can be intimidating but the atmosphere was incredibly friendly. I could not recommend this place enough - they really understand the importance of making the report personal to each individual which is a really nice quality for a business to have.
Anonymous (Ref: 3143)
Great company. Really efficient at getting me an appointment and helped me with exactly what I needed to do/bring. The assessor was fantastic, took the time to make sure I was comfortable and understood everything we discussed. The assessor could understand some of the issues I'd had and relate to others really easily. The assessor made the whole meeting a lot less stressful and took the time to make sure it was exactly what I needed. The assessor even talked me through my diagnosis report to help me understand some of the finer points and technical terms. Cannot recommend this company enough!
Tracy (Ref: 3047)
I felt comfortable and at ease with a professional individual, the assessment was thorough, report was concise and accurate with my individual needs accounted for. Would highly recommend
Toby Lloyd (Ref: 3001)
I found the assessment extremely helpful. The assessor made me feel very comfortable and really understood my dyslexia. Talking through my issues with the assessor made me feel much better about them, boosted my confidence and made me feel that I was getting the right support.
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Map & Directions to NE1 1EE