Individuals or organisations interested in providing services offered by assessment centres or Assistive Technology Service (ATS) providers registering with Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG), should in the first instance review the Quality Assurance Framework (QAF) before progressing to the application process. The QAF has been developed to allow your organisation to understand the requirements and provides guidance for organisations involved in the delivery of a quality assured service.

On completion of application forms, DSA-QAG will evaluate the application and consider your proposal to register with DSA-QAG. The procedure to register is to present evidence that your organisation has client base and resources available to provide a regional service and provide a quality of service where the student will be at the forefront of such considerations.

To ensure that a fair and even process is undertaken an onsite visit will be conducted by a DSA-QAG representative. The application will then be considered by DSA-QAG and the organisation informed in writing of the decision.

Registration Steps 1-4

New organisations wishing to apply for registration status with DSA-QAG will be required to complete the following steps for application

Step 1: You should review the QAF document which is related to your organisation, once you have reviewed the framework and your organisation can adhere to the standards; you can then progress to the next step.

Step 2: The next step you must take to begin your registration process is to complete the application pack. Please select from below -

Applying to become a registered assessment centre, please click here,

Assessment Centre Application v2.1 (102 KB)

Applying to become a registered ATS providers, please click here,

AT Provider and Specialist Supplier Application v2.1(290 KB)

Step 3: Once you have completed the application pack with all the required information, you should then return the pack with any supporting information to

When we receive a copy of the completed application pack an acknowledgement will be sent to you, a review of the application information will be conducted within 10 working days from receipt. If the information returned within the application pack is satisfactory, we will make contact with you to discuss arranging a registration visit. We will aim to conduct the registration visit between 6 - 8 weeks from date of completed application review.

A registration fee is required to be paid, this is broken down into two payments, an advance fee of 20% is due before the initial registration visit is conducted and the balance on the completion of registration. We will send you an invoice for the initial payment and on receipt of payment the registration visit will be scheduled.

If the application is found to be unsuccessful, we will issue you with a formal communication detailing the reason for refusal within 10 days of the registration visit.

Step 4: Once the registration visit has been completed, you will be informed of a 'successful visit' or you will receive a copy of the findings and areas to be addressed via an Action Plan within 5 days.

Once all actions have been addressed satisfactorily, you will be issued with the final invoice for the balance of registration fees, on receipt of payment you will become registered with DSA-QAG and will be published on the DSA-QAG website.

To view the timescales, please view the registration process overview:

Application Process Overview v3 0 (137 KB)

Specialist Supplier

To apply to be recognised as a specialist supplier, you should complete the specialist supplier application - Section 1 only.

Specialist Supplier Application:

AT Provider and Specialist Supplier Application v2.1 (290 KB)